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A Woman of Courage by Marlow Kelly - Review Tour and Giveaway

A Woman of Courage
by Marlow Kelly


GENRE: Historical Romance



When an injured Fianna Byrne turns up at Connell O’Neill’s gate twelve years after their separation he knows this could be his last chance to find happiness with the woman he loves.

False accusations against Fianna had strained relations between their clans and forced Connell, under Irish law, to divorce her. Their disastrous three-month relationship left Fianna pregnant and heartbroken. She has avoided Duncarraig and her ex-husband ever since.

But with her home obliterated by the Vikings, Fianna must face her past in order to save her son, and prove once and for all she is a woman of courage.


There is an art to writing a story with only 73 pages and including everything needed to make it complete.  Marlow Kelly has that art down pat.  The story takes place in Ireland in the ninth century.  The author’s notes at the beginning of the story give a short but very interesting history of the Irish during that time.  Knowing that history sets the tone for the story.

Fianna Byrne is a very strong woman who Connell O’Neill divorced after only three months of marriage.  Twelve years have passed and now danger has brought them back together.   Their past is cause enough for tension but the raid by the Vikings ramps it up even further.  There was much more to Connell divorcing Fianna than he ever let on and now he hopes to convince her to come back to him.  The past, the present and the hope for the future are at the heart of the story.  This is a short well-written story about a time most of us know little about but is a great setting for a compelling love story.  What I loved best about the story was the setting and the history that was an important part of the story..  I think anyone who loves historical romances will feel much the same.


Connell held Fianna’s hand as he led her inside. Was this really happening or was it a dream? He had to turn around and check. He had imagined this moment for the last twelve years. His attraction to her was more than physical. He enjoyed her fire, and her spirit. She lived by her own moral code and did not bend to the will of others without reason. These were the characteristics his father had abhorred, but then, Seamus had enjoyed weak women. Pretty, mindless things he could hang on his arm.

Had his father been threatened by Fianna’s strength? After she was gone, Connell had come to realize her depth of character made her special. She had been his confidante, lover, and friend. Her intelligence did not overwhelm his intellect, as his father had suggested, but enhanced it. For those brief months he enjoyed her counsel, and had missed it every day since.

He glanced at her again. Even with everything that had happened this night she had the bearing of a queen, an indomitable woman who could never be conquered.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

After being thrown out of England for refusing to drink tea, Marlow Kelly made her way to Canada where she found love, a home and a pug named Max. She also discovered her love of storytelling. Encouraged by her husband, children and let’s not forget Max, she started putting her ideas to paper. Her need to write about strong women in crisis drives her stories and her curiosity regarding the lives and loves of historical figures are the inspiration for her characters. You can visit Marlow at


Marlow Kelly will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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