Saturday, May 21, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #18 (Casimir Bridge by Darren Beyer, The Kasari Nexus by Richard Phillips, Evolution's End by C.J. Daniels)

Science Fiction

Casimir Bridge is an interstellar who done it.  It starts with danger and ramps up from there.  Mandisa Nkosi is a reporter who thinks that she has a great story only to have it bumped off the air.  What follows is a bigger story that leads her into the world of corporate intrigue and out of the solar system.  With the help of Grae Raymus and other great characters an interesting back story along with great world building keeps the story moving.  There is a lot of action left for the next books in the series so read Casimire Bridge and then watch for the next book in the series.

Science Fiction

The Kasari Nexus is a complex story with interesting characters, back story, world building and plot.  This is alien invasion on steroids.  Look for non-stop action with a large cast of characters.  Phillips has built a great platform for the Rho Agenda Assimilation series.

Science Fiction

Evolution’s End is alien invasion with a twist.  It seems that one family made a deal many years ago and it is just coming home to 
roost.  Admiral Nicholas Dante has been collecting information for years and when he is killed his three children take up the battle.  Look for a lot of history and back story as you read.  It is very well done but it does slow the story down.  This is book one in a new series.  It does come to a conclusion but there are loose ends.  It will be interesting to see where Daniels takes the series next.

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