Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Short and Sweet book reviews #19 (Winged Victory by L.F. Hampton, Split the Sun by Tessa Elwood, Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krantz)

Science Fiction Romance

The plot of Winged Victory is fairly predictable but Hampton puts some twists in that kept it interesting.  I loved the take on vampires.  Who would have thought they looked like beautiful winged angels.  When Traveen and Abby crash on a ice world Traveen makes a decision that changes everything.  There is a lot of tension and danger for both Abby and Traveen before they get to their HEA.  This is book one of a new series but some of the characters seemed to have a back-story from a previous series that would also be fun to read.

Science Fiction/YA Science Fiction
Kit has enough going to take down anyone. When she decides to end it all someone stops her.  From there she had a very confusing set of events that lead to a great conclusion.  Kit even seems to get a happy ending.  This is YA but I think anyone who likes a complex story line and great characters will love the book.  This is part of a series but works very well as a stand alone.

Secret SistersSecret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krantz

Romantic Suspense

Secret Sisters is Jayne Ann Krantz at her best.  There is a lot of tension, a great back-story, and an intricate plot.  It is very hard to tell who is the good guy and who is the bad.  Turns out there are a lot of bad guys.  Each has their own unique agenda and Madeline, Daphne, Jack Rayner and his bother Abe are all busy trying to sort them out.  A great story that is very hard to put down.  I did not know exactly who was doing what until the end.

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