Sunday, August 28, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Review #42 - Illusion Town by Jayne Castle, Maker Lab by the Smithsonian, Anything for You by Kristan Higgins

Illusion Town (Ghost Hunters, #13)Illusion Town by Jayne Castle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again I got to visit Harmony - that great planet that got cut off from Earth when the curtain went down. This time it features Hannah West and Elias Coppersmith, another member of the family that I first met on Earth in a book that helped start this series that crosses time and space. Illusion Town is like Las Vegas with alien ruins thrown in for good measure. It starts like most in the series with a Marriage of Connivence and of course ends with a HEA Hannah and Elias. This is a very interesting story line that held my attention from start to finish. I loved both Hannah and Elias. Both are just a little bit off from others but that makes the perfect for each other. Of course there is a dust bunny that often steals the show.

 Maker Lab: Make Your Own Science ExperimentsMaker Lab: Make Your Own Science Experiments by DK Publishing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is fun for all. The projects use common things found around the house and are easy to do. Great for parents and teachers. Easy to understand instructions that go step by step. Price is also a plus. I had a great time making several of the projects. I think anyone would enjoy using the book even through it is listed as ages 8 - 12.

Anything for You (Blue Heron, #5)Anything for You by Kristan Higgins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anything for You (Blue Heron #5) by Kristan Higgins – A new Blue Heron book that features Connor O’Rourke and Jessica Dunn with visits from all the other favorites in the series. This is a story that is very long in the making. It tells the history of both from the time they were 12 and now they are both in their 30’s. It does not look good for the two of them as Jessica always holds back but in the end they have a great HEA. A nice addition to the series.  I read this when it first came out and just finished listening to it on CD's from the library.  It was as much fun the second time as the first.

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