Sunday, July 15, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Reviews # 269 - Designation 932 by Catherine Miller, Crashed on an Ice World by Anna Hackett

Designation 932 (The Wholeness Project #1)Designation 932 by Catherine Miller

932 is different from others of his kind. Made not born and made to obey. 932 has killed as ordered but has had enough. Then he makes a mistake and thinks that the person who hired him is watching. Turns out that sends him on a new path. Now he has a name, Kal and a person to protect, Enys. While this is a common theme Miller tells it with a fresh eye. Both Kal and Enys are interesting characters. I loved the interaction between the two and while the story is set in a short time frame the romance between the two is slow building making it very believable. This is the first in this series and I look forward to the next made not born characters to break loose and find a HEA.

Crashed on an Ice World (The Phoenix Adventures #9)Crashed on an Ice World by Anna Hackett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elana loves her job and unfortantly she also loves her boss. The problem - he can only see her as a friend - never as a lover. Then providence takes a hand and everything changes. I enjoyed seeing how Elana kept to her decision to leave and how Rynan suddenly realized how much he was hiding from himself. A interesting and dangerous addition to the Phoenix Adventures.

I purchased this when it came out but them it got lost on my TBR shelf. Glad I finally remembered it.

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