Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Short and Sweet Book Review # 326 - Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward (Skyward, #1)Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
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I really loved Spensa (Call Sign Spin) and surprisingly I also identified with her. Why the surprise. Spensa is a teenager and Skyward is a YA book. I am very far from being a teenager; in fact I am almost 60 years away from that age. So why did I identify. Like Spensa I wanted to be a pilot and also like Spensa I was told I could not. The reasons are different. For Spensa it was the action of her Father and for me it was because I was female. The nice thing is that both of us found a way to our dream.

While that was one thing I loved about the book there were others. Mbot (I listened to the book so may be spelling names wrong) was a great comic relief. The Skyward team had an wonderful mix of characters, I really liked JerkFace who had to live with a call sign that he hated. He is much more than he seems at the first. The plot and the back story take several unexpected turns. There is a very nice finish but I was glad to see this is book one as there is a lot of story left to tell.

It was great to know that Spensa will keep flying. I made my living as a pilot but no longer fly. I do still fly in some of my dreams making my call sign Dreamer.

Suzy Jackson does a great job as the voice of a teenager. She brings the story to life.

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