Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Helfort’s War Series by Graham Sharp Paul

Military Science Fiction Series

You have to have at least two opposing groups to have a war. The Battle at the Moons of Hell, Helfort’s War Book 1 introduces a universe where the Federated Worlds and the Hammer Worlds are enemies. Michael Helfort is a Junior Lieutenant on a Federated Worlds deep space scout vessel. He serves with the good guys and the Hammer Worlds are the bad guys. Published by DelRay two books have been released in the series. The second is The Battle of the Hammer Worlds, Helfort’s War Book II. I liked the first book and in a surprise I liked the second even more. Both books are exciting well-written fast paced military dramas. Graham Sharp Paul has a military background and uses that background to construct believable story lines. I recommend the series and hope that there will be a third book.

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