Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vatta’s War series by Elizabeth Moon

Space Opera

I am a big Elizabeth Moon fan. I have attended several Science Fiction Conventions where she was a guest. In person she is well spoken, intelligent and witty. I have never seen her be anything but gracious to both fans and other authors. I know, I am gushing but I did start off telling you I was a big fan.

Vatta’s War is her latest series. The first book, Trading in Danger, introduces Kylara Vatta. Ky, as she is known, is the only daughter in a family that runs a shipping concern. She does not want to join the family business, instead she ops for a military career. When she is thrown out of the military in disgrace her family has her serve as captain on one of their space ships.

Elizabeth Moon has constructed a well-planned universe and filled it with complex and fascinating characters. Once you start reading it will be hard to put any of the books down. Treat yourself and start the Vatta’s War series. You will not be sorry.

The books in order are:

Trading in Danger. Del Rey. October, 2003.
Marque and Reprisal. Del Rey. September, 2004.
Engaging the Enemy. Del Rey. April, 2006.
Command Decision. Del Rey. February, 2007.
Victory Conditions. Del Rey. February, 2008

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