Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moonstruck by Susan Grant

Science Fiction Romance

Moonstruck published in 2008 by HQN is the first book in Susan Grants Borderlands series. The war between the Drakken Horde and the Coalition is over but the peace is far from friendly. Brit “Stone Heart” Bandar is chosen to command a starship with a blended crew. Finn Rorkken a Horde Warleader is chosen as her second in command. Brit does not want peace and she really does not want any of the Drakken on her ship. Others don’t want peace either and work to use the Brit’s ship and crew to restart the war. As if that is not enough Brit in spite of her hatred of the Drakken is attracted to Finn. The attraction is mutual. Moonstruck is full of conflict, action and wonderful characters. I loved Finn from the beginning and was pulling for he and Brit to get together. Read the book and see if you don’t feel the same way.

The next book in the Borderlands series is The Warlords Daughter and is due out February 2009. It is on my list to order as soon as it comes out.

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