Monday, January 12, 2009

The Star King by Susan Grant

Science Fiction Romance

Published by Love Spell The Star King is the first in a series of three books by Susan Grant. Susan Grant is a former Air Force pilot who flies for United Airlines and in her spare time writes. Her favorite venue is Science Fiction Romance.

On a flight over Saudi American Air Force pilot Jasmine Boswell is shot down by friendly fire. On another planet Prince Romlijhian B’kah is wounded in a fight to bring down Sharon an enemy of his people. For a few moments they are together helping each other and then both vanish to their own worlds. Nineteen years pass before they meet again. I could tell you what happens but it is more fun if you read it yourself. If you love a book with romance and action read The Star King.

The books in this series are:

The Star King
The Star Prince
The Star Princess


  1. Hi JC! I am so pleased to see what you are doing with your blog. Love your reviews. It always excites me to see another person highlighting Science Fiction Romance. Also... thanks for adding me to your blog list. I did the same for you over on Frances Writes. :-)

    Frances Drake

    Writing Science Fiction Romance
    Real Love in a Real Future

  2. Thanks Frances. Science Fiction is my favorite and Science Fiction Romance is at the top of my favorites.



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