Sunday, July 5, 2009

Touched by Light by Catherine Spangler

Paranormal Romance

I have been waiting for Touched by Light for almost 2 years*. Both characters appeared in at least one of the previous books. Adam was in both Touched by Darkness and Touched by Fire and Julia was in Touched by Fire. Both of the previous books were published in 2007 but something happened and it has been a 2-year wait for Adam and Julia’s story. I was not disappointed in the interaction between the two main characters. I felt the story itself was a little thin but the byplay between these two more than make up for any lack. Touched by Light has several characters who could have their own story. However since the first two books are out of print I suspect this is the last book in the series. Any of the books can be read as a stand along, but I think once you read one you will want to pick up the other two.

Berkley Sensations published Touched by Light by Catherine Spangler in 2009.

*Catherine Spangler said on her website that the delay came because life happened.

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