Sunday, July 26, 2009

Murder on Waverly Place (A Gaslight Mystery)* by Victoria Thompson


Murder on Waverly Place is the latest addition to the Gaslight Mysteries by Victoria Thompson. The murder of Sarah Brant’s husband was a common thread in the first 10 books of this series. That mystery was finally solved in the preceding book. While solving that crime could have weakened the series the story line has remained strong. Murder on Bank Street. Murder on Waverly Place continues to further the development of minor characters adding depth to the stories. For the first time Mrs. Decker, Sarah’s Mother, is a major player in Murder on Waverly Place. She attends a séance where a murder takes place. We learn more about Mauve as she again has a major role in the story. Sarah and Detective Frank Malloy work to solve the mystery and protect Mrs. Decker from scandal. Murder on Waverly Place is a great addition to the Gaslight Mysteries. The story moves at a smooth pace. The mystery and workings of a séance are well written and researched. Victoria Thompson continues to write good mystery stories, and the Gaslight Mystery series continues to be one of my favorites.

Berkley Crime published Murder on Waverly Place by Victoria Thompson in 2009.

The other titles in this series are:

Murder on Astor Place
Murder on St. Mark’s Place
Murder on Gramercy Park
Murder on Washington Square
Murder on Mulberry Bend
Murder on Marble Row
Murder on Lenox Hill
Murder in Little Italy
Murder in Chinatown
Murder on Bank Street

*While each book can be read as a stand-alone the books are better if read in order.

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