Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Damage Time by Colin Harvey

Science Fiction

For many stories I know the destination and I read for the journey.  In Damage Time I was kept guessing about the destination and the journey was never predictable.  Colin Harvey has created a damaged United States where resources have been exhausted and society has moved back to the city.  There is a new technique that allows you can have your memories removed and sold for other to experience.  Once removed the memory is gone for good.  The technology has to be used with great care because you can leave a person with so few memories they become a vegetable, unable to learn anything again.  Detective Pete Shah is a NYPD Memory Association Specialist who reads memories searching for the criminals who strip memories from unwilling victims leaving them dead or as good as dead and sell those memories on the black market.   As he closes in on one of the prime suspects in the illegal memory stripping business he is framed for murder.  That is just the start of his problems.  Read Damage Time to see what else happens.

Damage Time is a very intense book filled with action, unusual characters, and a unique look at what the future could bring.  Damage Time kept me guessing.  I would never have guessed the destination while reading Pete Shaw’s journey.  Read the book and see if you would add another word to the Science Fiction label.

Angry Robot published Damage Time by Colin Harvey in 2010.

I purchased Damage Time from Borders.  

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