Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones

A Science Fiction Romance/Steampunk Novella

I first met Braedon Carey, Col. USFA in The Key and Girl Gone Nova where he was a secondary character.  In Tangled in Time he gets his own romance.  Always willing to try new things, Carey is a test pilot without a ship when he agrees to test the Garradian portal between Kikk, a planet in a distant galaxy, and Earth.  Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, while he is in the portal he collides with Miss Olivia Carstairs who was helping Professor Twitchet test his transmogrification machine.  That collision causes both to be thrown out of their own time.  Miss Olivia, who resembles Mary Poppins complete with parasol, is from 1894 and Braedon is from the present.   Both end up in Big Bend National Park near the end of World War II.  They are tangled in time and the stage is set for action and adventure.  

Tangled in Time is a cute side story that adds to the world Pauline created for The Key and Girl Gone Nova.    I truly enjoyed trying to figure out what all of the terms like transmogrification meant.  I was as confused as Braedon.  I also loved how the changes in language between today and 1894 kept the dialog fresh and entertaining.  Tangled in Time has some surprises, some familiar characters and some hooks for future stories.  All in all it was a very good read.

I think Science Fiction Romance and Steampunk are close cousins and writing a SFR story that included Olivia and her transmogrification machine produced a seamless blend between the two.  I hope other authors will be looking at the possibilities offered by mixing these two.  I, for one, would enjoy reading more stories with this mix.

L&L Dreamspell published Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones in 2010.

I purchased Tangled in Time from All Romance eBooks

Just a note, this is the first time I have gotten an autographed ebook.

Click on the title to see the recommendation I posted on Girl Gone Nova.  


Pauline said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the novella, too! It was a fun little side step and Olivia was a hoot to write. :-) (I thought the autograph would add a bit of whimsy to the release.)

JC Jones said...

Pauline, I saw that you followed the link to Girl Gone Nova and found the recommendation. I was surprised when I was writing this to find I had not done a post on The Key. I must have read it before I started the blog. I hope you continue to write books in this world.

Billy Bateman said...

Greetings JC Jones, my second attempt at posting a comment, seems I am not very far up the scale of computer literacy. I appreciated your review. I thought the novella was exciting, and the dialogue was fresh and the story moved fast. Billy Bateman

Pauline said...

Thanks, JC! I am working on the next book right now. It picks up where Tangled in Time lets off, though with a new couple taking center stage. :-)

And many thanks for the kind words, Billy. :-)