Friday, May 6, 2011

Children of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy

Song of Scarabaeus
Science Fiction Romance

Edie Sha’nim and Finn from Song of Scarabaeus are back.  Children of Scarabaeus picks up where Song of Scarabaeus left off.  Edie and Finn are trying to get to the Fringe Worlds with information that will free them from the dependency on the Crib Empire but Edie is too valuable as a cypherteck for the Crib to allow her to escape.  She and Finn are captured and Edie is forced back to work in order to keep Finn alive.  To her horror she finds that the newest group of cyphertecks are children.  She wants to escape but instead ends up back to Scarabaeus, the world she tried to save.  Her actions will determine the future of Scarabaeus and other planets.

When Song of Scarabaeus was first released it was billed as a Science Fiction Romance.  The story had traces of SFR but did not really fit the label.  With Children of Scarabaeus the story arc fulfills the SFR label.  While both books can stand alone the two together make a satisfying whole.

Sara Creasy has crafted two books with an unusual and exciting story line.  The characters are well drawn, the action fits the story and everything fits in the universe that Sara has created.  Children of Scarabaeus is full of action, adventure, new ideas, and of course romance.  There is something in Children of Scarabaeus for both Science Fiction and Science Fiction Romance fans. 

I purchased Children of Scarabaeus.

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