Friday, May 20, 2011

Spirit Dances, Book Six: The Walker papers by C. E. Murphy

Urban Fantasy

Spirit Dances (Luna Books)Spirit Dances is a free book I received from Amazon Vine.  It is the sixth book in the series and I was afraid I might be totally lost.  I have to give C.E. Murphy credit; she knows how to treat and catch new readers.  All the back-story I needed was inserted in small snippets in the first few pages.  I had no trouble jumping right into the story.

Joanne Walker is a Seattle detective who also has shamanic abilities.  She has survived her first challenges and is beginning to feel comfortable with her abilities. All of that changes when she is given free tickets to see a dance performance.  The troupe uses dance to trap into magic, magic that someone steals killing one of the lead performers.  Things just get stranger and stranger as Joanne faces another new and big challenge.

Spirit Dances hooked me to the series.  C. E. Murphy has created a wonderful world full of strange new things.  The characters are fun and inventive, and the plot is well constructed.  There is mystery, danger and romance all tangled in with the magic.  Now I am waiting for the next book.

Luna published Spirit Dances by C.E. Murphy in 2011.

Giving me a free book does not guarantee a recommendation.  I will not recommend a book if I do not like it. 

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