Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gift Books from On-Line Book Bloggers Conference 2011

I posted about signing up for the 2011 On-Line Book Bloggers Conference.  I got a wealth of information at the conference. In addition to all the great information I got a choice of gift books that were donated by different publishers.  After looking at the list of books available I sent in the titles of books I would like.  The box arrived two days ago.  It was a little like Christmas.  While I knew what I had requested I did not know for sure how many of the requests I would get.  I received 10 books but only eight titles as two of the books were duplicates.  I got the two Science Fiction titles I wanted, five romances and one fiction book that everyone received.  I had three mysteries on my list but those must have been very popular because I did not get even one mystery title.  Here is a list of what I received listed with title, author and publisher

The Return of Black Douglas by Elaine Coffman published by Sourcebooks

Earl of Darkness by Alix Rickloff published by Pocket Books

Songs of Love and Death Edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois published by Gallery Books

Winning Mr. Wrong by Marie Higgins published by Walnut Springs Press

Fierce Eden by Jennifer Blake published by Sourcebooks

Tapestry of Dreams by Roberta Gellis published by Sourcebooks

Virgin by Cheryl Brooks published by Sourcebooks

Eternal on the Water by Joseph Monninger published by Gallery Books

The Return of Black Douglas, Virgin and Tapestry of Dreams are all ARC copies.  Virgin will be released in June of 2011.  Tapestry of Dreams has a May release date and The Return of Black Douglas came out in April.

A big thanks to all the publishers and to the On-Line Book Bloggers Conference for all of the work that went into getting the books to me.

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