Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blue Galaxy by Diane Dooley

Science Fiction Romance

If you like Science Fiction Romance this is a must buy.  In Blue Galaxy Diane Dooley has written an action packed story that flows smoothly from start to finish. The world building compares favorably with some of the best full-length novels. Every action fits within the context of the story and the action drives the story while it reveals the personalities and secrets of the two main characters, Javan and Sola. Diane does not waste a single one of the 22,000 words that keep this story moving and on track.  After finishing Blue Galaxy I felt that it could have been expanded into a full-length novel.  While the main story is complete there are many side questions left unanswered. Hopefully, Diane Dooley is working on more stories set in the Blue Galaxy universe.  

In Blue Galaxy Javan Rhodes is a starship captain who has taken an illegal but very lucrative mission.  He is to ask no questions while transporting someone to the outer colonies.  His passenger turns out to be a beautiful young woman who is going to an arranged marriage.  Nothing is as it seems and both Javan and Sola receives more than one surprise.

I received a free copy of Blue Galaxy by Diane Dooley from Carina Press.  Carina Press published Blue Galaxy in 2011. 

Giving me a free book does not guarantee a recommendation.  I will not recommend a book if I do not like it. 

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