Saturday, June 30, 2012

Suited by Jo Anderson

Note, I missed spelled the authors name.  If you arrived here looking for the book note how her name is spelled on the cover, not how I spelled it.  Jo Anderton.

Science Fiction

Suited is the second book in The Veiled Worlds trilogy.  I received an ARC of Suited from the Robot Army at Angry Robot.  The single sentence about Suited at Goodreads is a very good description of the book.
SuitedTanyana has chosen to help the Keeper, to stand against the Puppet Men, but has she bitten off more than she can chew?
All of the characters from Debris, the first book, are back as well as the introduction of some new ones.  I think I am beginning to get an idea of what the Veiled Worlds are.  Pions and debris are still a mystery but they are the heart of the story.  Pions build and create debris.  Tanyana used to build with pions but now collects debris. 
I really got into the series about one-third of the way through this book.  The tension builds, the action just keeps going and the world became more real to me.  Suited continues to flesh out the characters.  On a slight spoiler one of my favorite characters gets killed.  (That is all I will say.) 
Tanyana learns a lot more about her suit and all of that information is critical to the story.  This is an interesting series and I look forward to book three.
Angry Robot published Suited by Jo Anderton in 2012.

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