Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce by Jillian Stone

A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce (The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard, #2.5)Paranormal Romance
Goodreads Summary:

A force of attraction...too tempting to resist.
AS READERS OF The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series already know, Archibald “Archie” Bruce heads up the crime laboratory for Special Branch. Undervalued and overworked, the brilliant young man has no time for a social life––that is, until the heroine's father, a noted chemist in his own right, offers Archie a deal. He will modify a secret latex compound that will transfer fingerprints from the crime scene to the lab. In exchange, Archie must agree to tutor his charming but exasperating daughter, Miss Fiona A. Rose, for the major pharmacy exam.

But as Archie and Fiona attempt to study for the major, they can't help but get involved in a bit of sleuthing. Was the fire in the opium den accidental or deliberately set? Who was behind the lab explosion? Not to mention the strange and haunting memory of a masquerade ball and a very seductive kiss...

Amidst the pop quizzes and danger, Fiona and Archie ultimately find the force of attraction too tempting to resist.

This is the first story I have read in this series and I wondered if I would feel lost.  I did not.  Even though there were characters that I knew were probably from past books the main characters stayed in charge of the story so it was not problem.

This is a romance with a little bit of mystery.  Because it is a novella there is not as much time to develop a complicated story but what you have is a pleasing read.  The lesson in chemistry  involves both chemicals and love, a nice mix.

Archie is a great character.  He met Fiona several years ago at a masked ball but she disappeared and he did not know where she went.   Fiona is a strong female character who is as smart as or smarter than Archie.  She is working in her family pharmacy because she is needed.  When Fiona ends up in a class that Archie is teaching the sparks fly. What follows is a very nice story.

Having read the story I would like to try one of the book in The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series.
Simon and Schuster published A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce by Jillian Stone.

I received a copy of A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce from Edelweiss. 

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