Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Peacemaker (Foreigner #15) by C.J. Cherryh

Science Fiction

What Goodreads says:

At last—Cajeiri has his young guests from the starship, three young folk entranced by weather and trees and creatures with minds of their own. It’s all he dreamed of...

But now safety is foremost: Cajeiri’s grandfather has been assassinated, hostile Assassins Guild invaded Great-uncle’s house, and now Bren Cameron, paidhi-aiji, who was sent to keep the aiji’s son safe, has more than the young guests on his mind. The aiji-dowager knows who’s to blame for the attacks, and they’re going after him.

The fact that the person responsible is in the heart of Assassins’ Guild Headquarters, the most closely guarded fortress on the continent, is not going to stop her.

Bren Cameron has the pieces now, of a decades-old plot that’s been threaded through Guild actions going back before his arrival on the continent, and more—he knows the person responsible is going to find out he knows, and find out within hours.

They have no choice. If they don’t move, the other side will.

And the lives of the boy, the guests, the entire ruling family are at stake.

I have followed the Foreigner series from Book #1.  I love how the characters have changed and grown.  Bren started out as a very minor member of the Court and is now a very important person with multiple duties.  This time he has to smoke out the traitor in the Assassins Guild and do it in Guild headquarters.  I loved all of the letters he wrote before going.  They were to be delivered in case he did not come back and they provided a insight into Bren and his relationship with the other major charactners in the series.

The book had a slow start, as there was a lot of back-story to be shared.   Once that was taken care of the story moved forward in a well planned and presented manner.  There is a lot going on and so much revolves around Cajeiri and his very felicitous 9th birthday.  Remember how important numbers are to the atevi.

The book ended on a very high note with many of the problems from previous books solved.  It made me wonder if I was saying good-by to Bren and the atevi world.  I hope not but if so it is a very good ending to this long running series.

Daw published Peacemaker by C.J. Cherryh in 2013.

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