Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mercenary Courage (Mandrake Company) by Ruby Lionsdrake

Science Fiction Romance

From Goodreads:

After a grueling battle that cost him dearly, mercenary captain Viktor Mandrake wants nothing more than to get his ship repaired, let his men have leave, and spend time relaxing with Ankari. Entrepreneur, schemer, and leaser of his company’s one and only pink shuttlecraft, she has become the woman he loves and wants to keep at his side.

But as soon as Viktor sets foot on the space station Midway 5, it becomes clear that the Galactic Conglomeration Fleet wants him arrested for past grievances. As a mercenary, confronting the Fleet isn’t wise (it’s not wise for anyone else, either). Normally, Viktor would collect his people and depart, but a mysterious disease has resulted in a quarantine, leaving him stuck on the station with no access to his ship or his crew. Fortunately, he has Ankari with him, but unfortunately, Ankari’s family has been pointing out all of the reasons why she shouldn’t be flying around on a mercenary vessel. And he’s not certain they’re wrong.

If Viktor and Ankari can’t find a way off the station before the Fleet ships arrive, Viktor may never escape. Worse, no matter what happens, he risks losing Ankari forever.

Mercenary Courage is the fifth novel in the Mandrake Company science fiction romance series and is a sequel to Mercenary Instinct. If you haven’t read Mercenary Instinct yet, it’s available for free on Amazon.

Once again we get to spend time with Viktor and Ankari.  We first met them in Mercenary Instinct.  They should have been oil and water but instead they are a great combination.  Viktor has learned to live with the pink shuttle and Ankari understands what Viktor is saying even when there are no words.

Now they are in trouble again. Both are on a Midway 5, a space station.  Before the real trouble comes Viktor decides he must send Ankari away to keep her safe.  Ankari does not want to go.  That conservation is interrupted when danger arrives.  Viktor is the one in danger and Ankari works to keep him safe and to convince him that she and her company belong on his ship.

This is a fast paced action filled story.  While Viktor and Ankari are at the center look for characters featured in some of the other books to play important roles in the story. 
I love this series.  There are several great hooks for future stories so I  hope to see more of the Mandrake Company soon.

Mercenary Courage by Ruby Lionsdrake was published by Amazon Digital Services in 2015.

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