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What Else I Read in March of 2015


The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett- This is the fourth book in the Warded Man Series. The books are about mankind's war with the Demons that come at night. At the end of the third book Arlen threw himself and Jardir off a cliff during their combat to decide who was the Deliver. It was a true cliffhanger. The prologue shows the response of the parties watching the single combat, Brett then moves on and throws a twist into the story. It appears that he will continue his habit of retelling part of the story from previous books from another character's perspective, this time Jardir's niece, who doesn't seem as central to the story as the retellings in 2nd and 3rd books.  I quickly realized it wasn't as deep a retelling as from those books, and the story of the Daylight War dominates most of this book. This book is longer than the previous books, and with out giving spoilers I have to say the story line takes some twists that I didn't see coming.  I don't think it advanced the series as much as I expected. I thought the series was going to be five books, but I am not sure everything can be tied up in one more book even if it is longer than this one. So while mildly disappointed that it didn't seem to move forward as much as I would like, I still look forward to the next book in the series. 

The Peyti Crisis: A Retrieval Artist Novel:  Book Five in the Anniversary Day Saga (Retrieval Artist series 12) by Katherine Kristine Rusch This series just gets better and better.  In the Peyti Crisis everyone begins to see that there is more to the attacks than they thought.  There are some new characters in the book but most of the action is centered on DeRicci, Miles Flint, Bartholomew Nyquist and Deshin.  All main character we have met before.

Start this series from the beginning of the Anniversary Day Saga as all the action and characters build from that point.  For even more fun start with book one of the Retrieval Artist series.  Rusch is publishing one book a month in the Anniversary Day Saga so there is much more to come and you don’t have a long wait until the next book.  I have the next book on pre-order so I can start reading on its release day.

The Argent Star (The Monarchy Book 1) by Emerson Fray – I did a book blast tour for The Argent Star because I liked the concept of owning a star because someone in the past named it.  The tour did not come with a copy of the book so I purchased it on Amazon. 

Despite the great concept the book was a disappointment.  I almost put the it down several times.  The world building, back-story and characters all needed a good editor to bring everything into focus.  This is the start of a series so I hope that things jell more in the next book.  Having said that it was a disappointment I will still give book two a try because it does have great potential. 

The Counterfeit Heiress (Lady Emily #9) by Tasha Alexander – This is a very nice addition to the Lady Emily series.  Again Emily and Colin are drawn into a mystery that leads to another mystery.  Starting in London at a Masquerade ball they travel to Paris as they work to find out where the real heiress is.  I caught on sooner than either Emily or Colin but that did not keep me for enjoying the book.  In fact I think when I do know before everyone in the book it just makes it more fun.

A Matter of Trust by Greta van der Rol – A really good SFR story with great characters and action.  The romance is believable.   Amira and Admiral Ul-Mellor have met before.  When she is in danger he is the one to come to her rescue. It is only 94 pages but van der Rol uses each to maximum advantage.  The story line keeps moving, the two main characters are very well drawn and the romance nicely done.  This could lead to future stories so maybe Amir and her Admiral will grace the pages of a future story.

Stars Across Time by Ruby Lionsdrake – Yes, yes, yes.   I would love more about Andie and Theron.  Ruby Lionsdarke wrote Stars across Time while taking a break from her Mandrake Company series.  Stars Across Time is a time-travel story with some really interesting characters and a great story line.  With all of the world building and character development it would be a share if this were the only story in this setting.  The ending leaves room for a whole lot more so I hope to see Andie and Theron again.

Conspiracy (The Iron Admiral #1) by Greta van der Rol – This is
book one so don’t look for a nice neat ending.  One thing is over but there are still a lot of issues to resolve.  Allysha’s husband is still out there somewhere and she still cannot forgive the Admiral.  My only problem with the book was how Admiral Saahren fell in instant love with Allysha.   I did think it should have taken a little longer.  I did like the no HEA in Conspiracy.  There is a lot of tension and danger in Conspiracy.  The world building and back story are very well done.  Now I just have to get the next book in the series.

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs – I have
read several of the Mercy Thompson books but never Moon Called. When I dropped off books for my local library’s used book store I saw it on the shelf and decided to pick it up.  Reading it after reading other Mercy Thompson books and reading the Alpha and Omega series added to my enjoyment.  I could see the hooks to other stores and to the Alpha and Omega series.  Moon Called has great character development, back story and world building.  All in all very enjoyable.

Grey – What happens when you have a planet that affects fertility and a male who crash lands on that planet.  This is how Tyris meets Marlee and what follows is a slow growing romance that may or may not work.  This is book one and only one problems is solved.  The story is very well written, the back-story revealed as needed, and the world building is solid.  All in all a nice Science Fiction Romance.

The Navy SEAL’s E-Mail Bride by Cora Seton – I read one of Seton’s other E-Mail order bride stories and thought it was really cute.  The Navy SEAL’s story is just as fun.  Mason Hall is a great character and Regan is his match.  It was fun seeing them get together.  Like some other’s I did not like the debt that was thrown in.  It was unfair to put that on Mason but it did serve a plot purpose.  Cute story and an easy read.

Her Mule Hollow Cowboy by Debra Clopton – Maddie Rose is one of those strong characters who just cannot ask for help.  She also keeps her heart secure by keeping everyone at a distance.  Enter Cliff Masterson who sees Maddie’s need for control but works very hard to get into her heart.  This is a nice sweet story with some Christian influence.  It is just a short few paragraphs so it is not enough to be a turn off if that is something you don’t like in a book.  No explicit sex just some hot kisses as Cliff wins Maddie over.  A really nice short love story.

Joe Steele by Harry Turtledove – I can’t say I liked or disliked Joe Steele.  I can say I found it was a depressive read but one that struck an uncomfortable cord.  This could happen today.  We could take that slippery slope that leads to a country we don’t want.  I have to wonder if that is the reaction Turtledove wanted.  Read at your own risk.

Audio Books:

Raging Heat by Richard Castle - I love Castle the TV show and have watched from the first episode.  Richard Castle is the fictional hero on the show and he is the author of the Nickki Heat books.  It turns out there are actual books being released with Richard Castle listed as the author.  Raging Heat is the first one I have read/listened too.  It is a fun book with lots of action, romance and tension.  I don't know who actually writes them but I think any fan of the show would enjoy the story.  

The Blood of an Englishman by M.C. Beaton - Agatha is once
again looking for love and this time it looks like she might find it.  Her luck has not changed though.  All of her possibilities fall through.  As all of this happens she is trying to solve several murders.  I have followed this series from book one and it just does not get old.  Look for all the previous characters to appear and some like Charles to play a major role.  There was a twist in the book that I did not expect.  I  won't be eating certain foods for awhile.

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