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Vigilantes: A Retrieval Artist Novel #6 by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Vigilantes: A Retrieval Artist NovelScience Fiction

What Goodreads Says:

A shocking act of violence...
The looming threat of another attack spurs the Moon's chief security officer, Noelle DeRicci, to uncover the identity of the masterminds behind the Anniversary Day bombings before they strike again. Armed with information uncovered by Retrieval Artist Miles Flint and Detective Bartholomew Nyquist, DeRicci lets herself hope she can put an end to the violence against the Moon.

But then a brutal murder changes everything.

DeRicci must risk everything to launch a secret investigation into the very heart of the Earth Alliance.

Can the next attack be stopped?

I have to start with the same warning that Kris put at the beginning of each book in the Anniversary Day Saga.  Unlike most of the books in the Retrieval Artist series the books in this saga do not stand alone.  You need to start at the beginning and read in order.

Plot:  complex, complex, complex – More is exposed but much is still unknown – There are flashbacks that give a glimp into how things started to develop  that add to the development of the plot.

Characters:  There are the characters from the Retrieval Artist series  but this plot requires a large cast of characters.  None are side characters all play a big part in the development of the story.  With this many important characters their development could be shorted.  That does not happen.  Each has the development that adds to the story and plot.

World Building – The series is set in the world developed for the Retrieval series but the Anniversary Day Saga requires quite a bit of addition development.  That development continues in Vigilantes and adds to the plot development.

Writing:  Rusch is a experienced writer and it shows in this  book and the series.  Everything flows in a way that keeps the story and plot moving.  

There is another very nice thing about the series.  Each month a new book with another part of the story is released.  There is just a one month wait for the next part and I have the next one on pre-order. 

WMG Publishing, Inc published Vigilantes by Kristine Kathryn Rusch in 2015.

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