Thursday, March 17, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Review # 9

Still on cruise ship with expensive and slow Internet.  No links and no covers.  I have quite a few free books that are the first in a series on my Kindle.  I have been  reading them on sea days.  You will see several of them in the list below.

Keir’s Fall (Book Two of Redemption) by Pippa Jay – This is book two in the trilogy but it can be read as a stand alone.  Keir and Quin have spent a peaceful year on their island home but things are about to change.  Quin is not feeling well and when they leave to get her checked out things begin to go wrong.  Keir’s Fall has several high tension points and just when you think things are about to work out something else bad happens.  There is a lot of action and danger in the story.  Keir and Quin have to face things that might destroy their love and their marriage.  A good addition to the series and a complete story that can stand alone.

The Dark of Light (Shield of the Starhawke Book One) by Audrey Sharpe – This is the first book Sharpe has published and it is very good.  The characters are great.  The world building and the back-story both are worked in and keep the plot moving.  There is a bit of a mystery in the relationship between several of the characters.  Aurora Hawke and Jonarel have a long history but there is a bit of a guessing in what their relationship really is.  Both have shared secrets. Then there is Cade who has a past history with Aurora.  There are also several other great supporting characters in the book.  The adventure for the crew of the Starhawke is just starting and I look forward to the next book in the series.

Allies and Enemies: Fallen by Amy J. Murphy – Commander Sela Tyron knows her place.  She is one of many who are born and shaped to be soliders.  Captain Jon Veradin is the opposite.  He is one of the elite and an officer.  They work well together and when someone decides that Jon must be arrested and killed Sela plans a jail break.  From there things become very complicated.  Jon needs to rescue his sister.  That paints a bigger target on their backs.  Then a secret that will change Jon’s life is revealed and the danger becomes even worse.  Allies and Enemies is a very well structured story with great action, tension and characters.  This is book one and I look forward to next book in the series.

The Brands who came for Christmas by Maggie Shayne – This is book one in the Oklahoma Brands series.  This group of Brands are all females and sisters.   Each has their own unique personality and the story highlights the differences while telling the story of the oldest.  Maya and Caleb are soul mates but it does take them some time to realize it.  They have a time getting to their HEA and I had a great time reading their story.

The Thames River Murders (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries) by Ashley Gardner – Captain Lacey is once again drawn into a mystery that brings all the wonderful characters together once again.  We get to see more of the interaction between Lacey and his new wife.  While they are often going their separate ways working together on the new mystery is something that makes their marriage much stronger.  There is a cliffhanger at the end so I will be looking for the next addition to the series. 

Texas Roots(The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs #1) by Jean Bashear – Scarlett Ross is on the run.  That run brings her to Sweetgrass Spring to meet a grandmother she did not know she had.  What she finds is a wonderful grandmother and a very sexy Texas cowboy named Ian McLarne.  She longs to stay but does not want her trouble to come to Sweetgrass Springs.  Look for tension and danger and a wonderful romance.  A great story with wonderful characters.

Return to Me and Remember Me (Storm Lords Books 1 and 2) by Nina Croft  - Both have great heroes and wonderful women who love them.  The only problem.   It has been 2000 years and a lot of rebirths for the women and they do not remember the men they loved and the men cannot tell them anything about their past.  Both are good stories.  The worldbulding is good and the back-story works into the plot seamlessly.  There are several more stories in the series

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