Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Short and Sweet Reviews #7

I am still on cruise ship with slow internet so no links and no covers.

Summer Moon (A Celtic Wolves Novel) by Jan DeLima – When I purchased Summer Moon I thought I had read book one but it turned out I was mistaken.  I did not have trouble with Summer Moon, book 2.  It works well as a stand-alone.  I like both Rosa and Luc.  They were great characters.  I did not like Luc’s late wife that much.  She came across as very selfish and even 100 years later was causing trouble.  There is a HEA for Rosa and Luc but no resolution to the main problem.  That leaves a lot of room for future novels in the series.

Windswept by Adam Rukunas – I met Adam at World Con and promised to review if I liked his book.  It took me longer to get round to reading it but here is the review promised.  This is a big sweeping story that has a lot of world building and back story.  Padma Mehta is the main character and she carries the story.  Nothing is as Padma thinks and as she realizes what is really going on the story takes off.  Look for tension and many surprises.  The supporting characters are great and add depth to the story.  A great read for any Science Fiction fans.

Touch the Dark (A Cassie Palmer Novel) by Karen Chance – I kept seeing sequels in the Cassie Palmer series.  Each looked interesting so I found book one so I could start at the beginning.  Touch the Dark introduces Cassie and other very interesting characters.  The story moves slowly because of the intense world building and back story.  It made for a lot of reading with no dialog or action.  There is a lot of action and tension in the story line.  Nothing is solved at the end but everything is set for future books.  I will continue to read the series.

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