Monday, March 28, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #11

Still on cruise ship with slow and expensive internet.  No covers and no links.

The Syndicate by Sophie Davis – This is a fun and quirky time travel book.  A great mix of characters that make up the world of the Syndicate.  The world in this book is 1925 Paris and as I read I could picture the people and places as if I was there.  Most of the world building takes place in Paris and is part of the story line.  The rest is kept simple and part of the back story.  The plot starts out as a very simple find and retrieve but quickly becomes more complex and dangerous.  It was fun seeing how the characters were going to solve some of the problems.  A great start to a new time travel series.

Bright Blaze of Magic by Jennifer Estep- YA paranormal with a touch of romance.  Bright Blaze of Magic is book three in the Black Blade Series.  All of the familiar characters are back.  Devon, Felix, Deah, Oscar, the Draconi’s and of course Lila, the main characters in the series, are busy fighting danger.  The back story and world building were done in books one and two so it is best to start there.  The story here is fact moving and full of unexpected twists and turns.  A exciting addition to the series and while one big problem is taken care of there are sure to be more exciting adventures for the entire crew.

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