Saturday, March 26, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #10

Still on cruise ship with slow and expensive internet.  No covers and no links.

Discovering You (Whiskey Creek) by Brenda Novack – Discovering You goes back to Dylan Amos and his family.  This time it is one of his brothers and his new neighbor who have to work to find their HEA.  India Sommers and Rod Amos meet when she moves in and from there things are quick to hear up and not just in the romance department.  Another great story with interesting characters.   The  best part there are still Amos brothers who have not found the right person so there are still stories left to tell.

Cast in Angelfire (The Mage Craft Series #1) by S.M. Reine – Marion Garin does not remember who or what she is.  What she does know is that she needs to find Seth Wilder. Wilder on the other hand has been missing for years.  Instead she is found by Dr. Lucas Flynn.  With a large bounty for killing Marion, people who are not what they seem and having to run for her life the story gets exciting very fast.  Much of the action in the story is used for world building and back story.  While Marion and Lucas start as the main characters others who add richness to the plot join them.  There are more twists and turns.  There is a world changed from what we know.  The paranormal has become common place.  All add to an exciting story that ends with much still left in the dark.  Book two Cast in Hellfire will continue the story.

The Marshals Justice (Appaloosa Pass Ranch #2)  by Delores Fossen -  A nice story with good characters and more than a hint of mystery.  There is a scene stealer baby, a mix of characters both good and bad and a lot of tension.  All in all a nice addition to the series.

Chains of Command (Frontlines) by Marko Kloos – While Earth was saved in the last book it is still facing a big threat. The Lanky are still sending seed ships and they still hold Mars.  The plot revolves around the need to retake Mars.  Everything comes together in a danger filled expedition.  The plot has some interesting turns.  The main characters return and a few new ones are added.  This is a good addition to the series.  It does solve one problem but leaves a bigger one hanging.  This is a very good Military Science Fiction series.  Start at the first book for maximum enjoyment.

Cowboy All Night (Thunder Mountain Brotherhood) by Vicki Lewis Thompson – Another of the Thunder Mountain Boys arrives back home and finds romance and love.  This time it is Brant Ellison.  Once back he meets Aria Danes.  They seem to be opposites but of course opposites attract. This was a quick fun read with a lot of sex.  I did think that the character development would have been better if they spent more time with their clothes on than with them off.  Sex is great but the relationship  just needed a little more than sex to seem complete.

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