Monday, June 13, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Review #24 – Europe Collective 1 by Aaron Hubble, Skyjacked by Shirley Golden, Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy

Science Fiction

What happens when your children are kidnapped and you know 
where they will end up.  If you are Malone Kay and his wife Luana Kay you do whatever is necessary to get them back.  Along the way deals are made.  Secrets are revealed.  Action is non-stop.  Look for some really interesting characters and world building.  This is book one in the series.  It can stand-alone and while one problem is solve the hook is there for future adventures with Malone and Luana.

Science Fiction

Corvis Ranger has let almost everyone in his life down.  Now after 
promising to be at his sons birthday party in a week he is skyjacked by a group of convicts and has to fly to the other side of the galaxy.  No matter what he does he cannot make it back in time.  This is fun space opera with a twist at the end.  Pick it up for a fun read.

Paranormal Romance

Even though this is part of a series it works fine as a stand-alone.  
Bas and Myst are great character but their daughter Molly steals the show.  The plot is fast and furious and comes together in a very believable way.  The tension between Bas and Myst ramps up the story line and kept me reading.  Great series.  After reading Blood Lust I have added the series to my wish list.

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