Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Review #25 – The Champion of Baresh by Susan Grant, Star Nomad, Honor’s Flighr and Starseers by Lindsay Buroker

Science Fiction Romance

It has been a long five-year wait for the start of a new series by Grant.  It is a very good story with great characters.  One, Prince Klark, is a carry over from her Star series and another, Jemm Ave, is brand new.  I loved how Klark was trying to bring honor to his family after his actions in a previous book did the reverse.  Jemm is perfect in the role of a very strong woman who is working hard to help her family.  The world building is very good and back-story for Jemm is spot on.  My only complaint -  It has been a long time since I read the Star series and the back-story for Klark is based on that series and I had forgotten a lot about what he did.  It does work as a stand-alone and has numerous hooks for future books set in the Star World Frontier.

Science Fiction/Space Opera

Star Nomad sets the stage and introduces the cast of characters in the series.  Each character is set on his or her own agenda and joins Alex Marchenko as she sets out to steal a dilapidated ship from the junkyard where it has been for years.  Alex’s goal is the one central theme in the series.  She needs to find her daughter and start a new life.  Of course the goals of her passengers are making that hard.  Look for  great characters, interesting back-story,  and a multi-layered plot that will keep you reading.  There is also the hint of a future romance between Alex and one of her passengers.

Space Opera/Science Fiction

Book two of the Fallen Empire sees Alex and her passengers 
arriving at Perun to collect Alex’s daughter.  As you might expect that goal runs into trouble.  The daughter has been kidnapped by the Starseers.   Finding her daughter is still the main theme but the goals of the other passengers being more trouble and danger to everyone. Honor’s Flight keeps the story moving while adding to the back-story of several of the passengers. 

Science Fiction/Space Opera

Book three and this is not a trilogy. There is more to come after this book.  Alex is still trying to find her daughter and ends up in more and more danger.  As if that is not enough the goal of one of her passengers leads to addition danger for everyone. We learn more about the separate goals of each character while adding to the world and character building.  I borrowed this on Amazon.   I had forgotten that I could borrow one book a month with my Prime membership.  This is a fun series to read and I am looking forward to the next book as Alex continues her quest to find her daughter.

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