Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Short and Sweet Book Reviews #20 – Unwanted by Jennifer Estep, Dark Run by Mike Brooks, Forces From Beyond by Simon R. Green

Paranormal Novella

While this is part of the Elemental Assassin series it is told from Finnegan Lane’s point of view.  In the last book Finn royally messed up.  Now he is having to pay the price.  The people he works with want nothing to do with him and he knows that he deserved how he is being treated.  His reaction is what makes this such a nice story.  Instead of crawling into a hole and pulling it closed he works help someone he hurt.

Dark RunDark Run (Keiko #1) by Mike Brooks

Science Fiction/Space Opera

On the space ship Keiko your past does not matter until suddenly it does.  Captain Ichabod Drift’s past comes to haunt him and leads to a job he really does not want.  The back-story and world building are very well done.  There is action, tension and a lot of danger both before and after they make a dark run to deliver a cargo to Earth.  A fun story and a great set up for a series.  While we know Drift’s past there are others on the ship whose past is still a mystery.


I have listened on CD to JC, Kim Happy and Melody through all of their adventures. I did the same with Forces from Beyond.  I did not realize that this was their last adventure but I have to say it was a very good one.  The Flesh Undying has been an enemy for a long time and now it is time to send it back where it came from.  Other old enemies also show up to make trouble.  While there is danger there is also humor to go with it.  I loved the ending.  It was just right for all four of the main characters.

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