Sunday, March 8, 2009

Edge of Danger by Cherry Adair

Paranormal Romance

Gabriel Edge and his two brothers are living with a curse. 500 years ago one of their ancestors choose duty over love. The spurned lover was a witch who placed this curse on the family.

“Duty o’er love was the choice you did make. My love you did spurn, my hear you did break.

You penance to pay, no pride you shall gain. Three sons on three sons find nothing but pain.

I gift you my powers in memory of me. The joy of love no son shall ever see.

When a Lifemate is chosen by the heart of a son. No protection can be given, again I have won.

His pain will be deep, her death will be swift, Inside his heart a terrible rift.

Only freely given will this curse be done. To bread the spell, three must work as one.”

Gabriel and his brothers have decided to end the curse with their generation by refusing to love or to marry. All have the best of intentions but things happen. Edge of Danger is Gabriel’s story. He is a counter-terrorism agent working in the Psi division of TFLAC. He has to use his powers to retrieve a secret from Eden Cahill. What follows is a fast paced, action filled adventure with a romance and the curse added for spice.

Ballantine Books published Edge of Danger by Cherry Adair in 2006. It is the first book of a three book series. Edge of Danger was one of my books in my TBR pile. After reading the first book I went to the library and checked out the other two. If you are looking for action, adventure and romance pick up this series.

Books in order are:

Edge of Danger
Edge of Fear
Edge of Darkness

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