Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Countdown by Michelle Maddox

Futuristic Action Romance

Countdown was a P.E.A.R.L. finalist in 2008. None of the libraries in my area had Countdown and it was not in stock at any of the bookstores. I added it to my last Amazon order and it came last week. Countdown was written by Michelle Maddox and published by Shomi (www.shomifiction.com) in 2008.

Shomi calls Countdown an action romance and it lives up to its label. As the book starts Kira, a small time thief, and Rogan, a convicted mass murderer, are chained to a wall in a dark room. When the lights come on they find that each has a key to the other’s chain. They have 60 seconds to exchange keys and escape the room or they will die. That task was Level One of the Countdown game and the start of non-stop fast-paced action. Kira and Rogan have to work together to survive all six levels of the Countdown. In addition, they have to outsmart a computer that has taken over the game and wants to take over the world. There is fact-paced action, love and betrayal as they work to survive the game. The need to shut down the computer and end the game forever adds another layer of suspense to the story. Kira and Rogan are both strong characters and neither is entirely what they seem. There is not a lot of world building but that does not detract from the story as the game and the computer are the important elements of the book.

If you like action and romance this is a good book to read. I can see why it was nominated for the P.E.A.R.L.

For more information visit Michelle Maddox at her web site www.michellemaddox.com. She also writes Paranormal Romances as Michelle Rowen.

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