Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mr. Complete by Sheridon Smythe


Romance books all have the same destination. The difference in each romance book is the journey to that destination. The journey in Mr. Complete is filled great characters, a great story and many laugh out loud moments. Luke Reynolds is the owner of Mr. Complete's Escort Services. Mrs. Scuttle is his seventy-eight year old secretary. Luke‘s prime rule is that his escorts do not become romantically involved with the clients. His step-brother who is also his arch enemy is trying to put Luke out of business. Two employees accepted bribes from the stepbrother and violated that prime rule. Lydia Carmichael’s aunt had her heart broken by one of those employees. Lydia decides to pose as a client in order to prove that Mr. Complete is in the business of selling sex and breaking hearts. Luke gets wind of her plan and the stage is set. The book is filled with male hunks, sexy dialogue and Mrs. Scuttle adds more than one laugh out loud moment. This is a wonderful lighthearted read.

Wildrose Press published Mr. Complete in 2008. Mr. Complete is currently available only as an eBook. I purchased the book from Fictionwise. I liked Mr. Complete so much I purchased a second book by the authors. Mr. Hyde’ Assets was just as enjoyable a read as Mr. Complete. Romance readers should look for books by Sheridon Smythe.

Sherri Eddington and Donna Smith are friends who write using the name Sheridon Smythe

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