Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Driven by Eve Kenin

Futuristic Romance

Driven by Eve Kenin was a surprise. I had started another book published under the Shomi imprint and put it down unfinished. When I saw Driven on the new books shelf at the library I almost passed it up because of the publisher. I glad I didn’t. Eve Kenin has written a fast paced, action packed adventure set in future when people are trying to survive in the frozen Northern Waste. Raine Bowen is a strong heroine and Wizard is just the right mix of male strength and vulnerability. The book caught me from the beginning. Pick it up for a great enjoyable read.

Driven was published by Shomi in 2007. If you liked Driven check out Hidden the second book in the series. Eve Kenin is a pen name for Eve Silver.

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