Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diamond Star by Catherine Alsaro

Science Fiction

Diamond Star by Catherine Alsaro is a side story in the Skolian series. Del is a member of the Ruby Dynasty. He along with other members of his family have been held as hostages on Earth. The others are rescued but Del chooses to stay on Earth where he feels that he can be free from the expectation of his family. His singing talents lead to a contract and he becomes a rock star something his family would not condone or understand. Although Del tries, even on Earth he cannot be free of interstellar politics. Earth as one of the three interstellar civilizations wants to stay clear of the conflict between the Skolian Imperialate and the Eubian Concord. Del brings that conflict to Earth. Diamond Star does not move the main story line along, but it does tell more of the story of the Ruby Dynasty. This is a nice addition to the Skolian series.

Baen published Diamond Star by Catherine Alsaro in 2009. I purchased Diamond Star as an eBook from Baen.

Interesting piece of trivia:

*In the book Del visits a antique store that sells paper copies of books. One book that he picks up is a book I just recommended; The Rake by Mary Jo Putney. It must be on Catherine Alsaro's favorite list.

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