Saturday, May 16, 2009

In the Stormy Red Sky by David Drake

Space Opera

I have two favorite space opera series. One is the RNC series by David Drake and the other is Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series. New books in both series came out this month (May 2009). Look for a post on the new Lost Fleet book later this month.

In the Stormy Red Sky is the 7th book in the RNC series featuring Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy. Daniel and Adele are again sent on a mission that should be peaceful but as we all know nothing is peaceful when Daniel and Adele are involved. The previous books were mostly Daniel’s story; In the Stormy Red Sky is mostly Adele’s story. It makes a nice change of pace. As usual the plot is fast moving and the action intense. The story expands the world building and shows how Adele’s character is growing and changing. In the Stormy Red Sky keeps the series moving at a brisk pace. I loved this book and look forward to more in the RNC series.

Baen released In the Stormy Red Sky by David Drake as a hardcover on May 5th, 2009. I purchased In the Stormy Red Sky as an eBook from Baen for $6.00.

My December 8th, 2008 post highlighted the RNC series. Check it out for all the previous RNC titles.

David Drake

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