Monday, May 4, 2009

Invisible by Kimber Chin

Contemporary Romance

I entered a contest at Kimber Chin’s web site. I didn’t win the grand prize but was offered a free PDF copy of Invisible as a welcome gift. I sent back an acceptance and the copy of Invisible was in my mailbox yesterday. I downloaded it, started reading and could not put it down. I finished Invisible late last night. As I have said in other posts in romance it is not the destination, it is the journey. The journey in Invisible is filled with twist, turns and suspense. The main characters are well written and several of the supporting characters are ripe for their own story.

Antique collector Hagen Rayner is an expert at telling the real from the fake. Maveve Delaney is an expert at helping people hide themselves or their assets. When Maveve’s friend and Hagen’s Great Uncle dies the will requires the two of them to work as to team to find the deed to the Great Uncle’s house. If they fail to find the deed the Great-Uncle’s estate goes to another nephew. The hunt requires both of their skills to succeed. Maveve must find the clues that have been hidden and Hagen must determine which clue is real and which clue is fake. All of this makes for a great journey. Invisible is a well –paced suspenseful love with story filled with great characters. Don’t miss reading Invisible. Buy the book today.

Champagne Books ( published Invisible by Kimber Chin ( in 2009. Invisible is available in print from Champagne Books and also is available from Fictionwise ( as an eBook and at Amazon ( on Kindle.

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