Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Domino Pattern by Timothy Zahn

Science Fiction Mystery

The Domino Pattern is the fourth book in the Quadrail Series. Think Murder on the Orient Express meets aliens group mind ( the Modhran) that wants to take over the galaxy, add a host of other aliens, a detective partnership made of up a human and a half human, and you have the books in the this series. There is always the risk that a series will get stale after a few books. That is not the case with the Quadrail Series.

This time Frank and Bayta are on a non-stop super express line that cuts the travel time across the galaxy from months to 6 weeks. Events conspire to make the Modhran, Frank and Bayta allies after someone manages to get poison past the spiders detection system. Frank and Bayta must find and stop the person using the poison. People trust the safety of the Quadrail system and that trust must be maintained or the whole system could break down and the galaxy thrown into turmoil. It is up to Frank and Bayta to find and stop the person using the poison while preventing any future threat to the Quadrail.

The Domino Pattern introduces a brand new villain, one that will move the series in a new and exciting direction. Maybe the Modhran will become partners instead of enemies. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

TOR published The Domino Pattern by Timothy Zahn in 2009.

I checked The Domino Pattern out from the Rogers Public Library.

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