Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Lost Fleet: Victorious: by Jack Campbell

Military Science Fiction

The last book in a great series always brings on mixed emotions. There is joy in finally finding out how everything ends and sadness because there will be no more books to look forward to. The Lost Fleet: Victorious generated an abundance of both emotions.

When we first met Captain John “Black Jack” Geary his escape pod was picked up after drifting 100 years. Geary and his ship were the first causalities of a war that has lasted 100 years and legend says that when the time is right he will return to save the Alliance. The fleet has just suffered a crushing defeat at the Syndic home world, all senior officers are dead and Geary as the Captain with the most seniority is in command. It is his job to try to get the remainder of the fleet home.

In Victorious the cycle closes. After bringing the fleet home Geary is promoted to Admiral of the Fleet. His job is to return with the fleet to the Syndic home world, end the war and find the aliens on the far side of Syndic space, He must do this while allowing enough himself enough maneuvering room to find a solution to his own personal goals.

Like the rest of the series, Victorious is military science fiction at its best. The action is realistic and gripping. Victorious is filled with interesting characters, a well-written plot and a recurring theme of honor above all else. Victorious is a great ending to a great series. Do start this series at the beginning. Just make sure you don’t have anything pressing because you will not want to put any of the books down.

Ace published The Lost Fleet: Victorious by Jack Campbell in 2010.

I purchased Victorious from Borders.

John Hemry writes the Lost Fleet books using the name Jack Campbell. The Starks War series and the JAG in Space series were written using John Hemry. Both are available as an eBook package or as individual eBooks from Baen. I have read both. If you like The Lost Fleet check out his other two series.

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