Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dopplegangster by Laura Resnick

Paranormal Mystery

In Dopplegangster, Esther Diamond and friends are at it again. Her Off –Broadway show has closed and she is back working as a singing waitress at a restaurant where members of the mob hang out. Detective Lopez, her want to be boy friend, is afraid something bad will happen to her there and wants her to find another job. He is proven right when Charlie Chiccante is murdered right after telling Ester that he has just seen his doppio. A doppio is a perfect duplicate of a person and a sign of immediate death. When other doppelgangers start to show up Esther goes to her old friend Max for help and the fun begins.

Like Disappearing Nightly, the first book in the series, Dopplegangster is filled with humor, mystery, suspense and a great cast of characters. I hope to see more of Esther and friends in the future.

Daw published Dopplegangster by Laura Resnick in 2010.

I purchased Dopplegangster by Laura Resnick from Fictionwise.

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