Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Else I Read in November 2011


Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt - This is the third book in the Maiden Lane Series.  I met both of the main characters in the previous books.  "Charming" Mickey O'Connor and Silence Hollingbrook met when Mickey stole cargo from a ship captained by Silence's husband.  Silence made a deal with Mickey to get the cargo back.  Now Silence in a widow and Mickey put her in danger when he left his daughter on her doorstep.  This is a fun story and a good addition to the series. 

The Famous Heroine and The Plumed Bonnet by Mary Balogh - Both of these are books that were originally released in 1996 and have been re-released in one volume.  They contain some of the same characters and are both a fun read.  I noticed themes in both that Mary enlarged on in later books. 

Affair Without End by Candace Camp - This is the last book in the Willowmere Series.  It was OK but I found myself putting it down because it did not hold my interest like the previous two.  It has two HEA stories, one was Vivian and Oliver and the other was the last Bascombe sister. 


Vamparazzi by Laura Resnick - Esther has a good part in an Off Broadway play about Vampires.  She and everyone knows that vampires are not real.  Or are they?  Esther is attacked by fans who are out of control.  When one of the fans is murdered Detective Connor Lopez shows up to make sure Esther is all right.  Esther seeks help from her friend Max, the 350 year old magician.  All the gang is back along with some fun new characters.  The only thing I would change about the book is to have more of Connor.   Laura, if you see this "More Connor."

Character Driven Science Fiction (Science Fiction Romance:

Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews - This was my Teaser Tuesday on 11/15.  Claire Shannon has enhanced mental capabilities that were used in a war her side lost.  By hiding those abilities she is allowed to live but must go off planet and start a new life.  She must continue to hide what she can do but finds if difficult.  The attraction she feels toward her new boss does not help.  This has great world building and wonderful characters.  I hope to see more in this universe.

His Warrior Bride by Lara Santiago - Erotic Character Driven Science Fiction.  Lara Santiago is one of my favorite authors of erotica.  She always has a good story to go with the sex.  This time an astroid has hit the Earth and caused massive damage.  Craig Hauser was hired to protect a group living inside a mountain in Colorado.  Forced to stay with the group when the astroid hits he must accept a wife.  That wife has a mission of her own.  She is there to take down the leader of the group.  Neither count on the attraction that grows between them or complications it causes. 

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