Saturday, February 11, 2012

City of Dragons by Robin Hobb


City of Dragons continues to follow the stunted Dragon's and misfit keepers struggle to find the dragons homeland. The main cast from the earlier books in this series are still here.

Sintara, a dragon queen, and the rest of the stunted dragons are still struggling to become the majestic creatures their memories tell them they should be. While Thymara and the rest of the outcasts assigned by the rainwild traders to tend the dragons, struggle with helping their dragons, they under go drastic changes to themselves.

As Alise Kinncannon Finbock, the Bingtown trader, continues to explore her obession with Dragons and Elderlings, and flee her loveless marriage, Ms Hobb expands the story from the Bingtown and Chalced side of the story, with Alise's husband Hess and bringing back Selden Vestrit from previous series.

The intriguing plots to make money off the dragons and their city by the rainwild traders, played against the struggle of the keepers and stunted dragons to grow into Elderlings and Dragons make this an interesting read if you aren't just looking for swords and sorcery in your fantasy reads.

Harper Voyager published City of Dragons by Robin Hobb in 2012.

Review by Doug Jones

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