Monday, February 6, 2012

Musing Mondays Februrary 6, 2012

 This week’s musing asks…
Did you do any reading in lieu of watching the football game, yesterday, or were you foregoing reading to watch the game? If you read a book (or books) what did you choose?

I did a little of both.  I am trying to finish Ghost of a Chance by Simon R. Green.  It is the Science Fiction Book Club selection for February and we meet this Wednesday.  I read during most of the game and watched when the commercials came on.  Just the opposite of what I would usually do.  Here in the Central Time Zone the Super Bowl ended just a Downton Abbey came on so I closed my book and watched.  No reading during that program.

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Amy said...

Great choice! I much prefer reading over watching football, but I definitely cheated by checking the scores. :)