Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Beginnings on Fridays July 6, 2012

Book Beginnings on Friday is a meme hosted by Gilion at Rose City Reader. Anyone can participate; just share the opening sentence of your current read, making sure that you include  include the title and author so others know what you're reading.

My book this week is Intentional Abduction (Alien Abduction #2) by Eve Langlais.   I read the first book, Accidential Abduction, (follow this link to see my post) and loved it.  

Eve Lanaglais says that "I'm writing romance the way I like it---hot with a touch of humor and spice."  Like many of her books Intentional Abduction is Science Fiction Romance, my favorite.  Yes, he really is purple.

Here is the book beginning:

"It's time you bedded a male and got pregnant."

Intentional Abduction (Alien Abduction, #2)If you want to know more here is what Goodreads says about Intentional Abduction.

Aylia is on a quest to get pregnant, and in the time-honored tradition of her people, she must kidnap a suitable male for the task. Seducing the reluctant warrior is harder than she expected, especially when her body turns traitor and melts at his touch. When he flips the situation around and takes her prisoner, he doesn’t just steal her body. He also takes her heart. And she might just have to kill him to get it back.

Being the scourge of the galaxy comes with consequences, like women wanting his body, but Jaro’s never had someone kidnap him for his seed. Fighting the female’s allure, the captive becomes the captor, and he learns that not all battles are fought using fists and knives. Although, the sword between his legs gives her its best shot.

Through the vastness of space, brothels and unmentionable places in between, can this stubborn pair overlook their pride and past to come together? Or will they forever abduct and pleasurably torture each other?



  1. Okay...abduction is one way to go! lol

    Thanks for sharing, and here's MY FRIDAY MEMES POST

  2. So are the aliens purple body builders who wear scarves or something?

    Here's my Book Beginning.

    1. They are very buff and they are purple.

  3. Great beginning.
    Science fiction is definitely my genre, but roance isn't. So, I have't quite decided if I'm going to try this one.

  4. Now that's a first sentence that grabs your attention! :)

  5. Hi Jo,

    Well! you don't need a map and compass to work out where this story is going, do you?

    I checked out your review of the first book in the series and things are certainly moving on apace since then.

    If the rest of the book description is anything to go by, I shouldn't think that fulfilling your opening line is going to be too much of a problem!!

    Thanks for sharing,


  6. I'm not going to lie, I rolled my eyes at the opening line.

    Reading the synopsis left me with a thought and a question: Kidnapping a man for his seed might be tough, but seducing him...not so much. I'm wondering why he resists her at first-is she not purple enough?

    Sounds like a crazy yet fun read.

  7. Interesting teaser! I feel like I have read this book even though I know I haven't. This must be a fairy common trope in SF Romances. I hope you are enjoying it. Happy reading!

  8. It's amazing how many very human-looking aliens there are out there...just in different colors. :-)

    My Friday Memes.

  9. I just love the idea that there are people out there thinking of stories involving purple aliens.

    Thanks for participating in Book Beginnings on Fridays. I'd like to drum up some more participants, and one idea I had was this: if you are on Twitter, please tweet a link to your post using the has tag #BookBeginnings. Maybe in connection with #FridayReads, if you participate in that twitter event. Thanks!


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