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NIghts of Steel by Nico Rosso

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Steampunk Romance

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From Goodreads:
 Return to The Ether Chronicles, where the skies above the American West are about to get wilder than ever

Bounty hunter Anna Blue always finds her fugitive. But her latest mission is filled with mystery: a high price for an eccentric inventor. And her biggest rival, Jack Hawkins—a startlingly handsome, entirely unsettling man whose abilities match her own—is hunting the same bounty. Neither will back down.

When a rogue Man O' War flies his airship into the California skies, guns blazing, Anna and Jack are forced to team up or die. But it isn't the danger that has them ready to flare like gunpowder. They've circled each other for years as competitors only. Fighters and outsiders, they never thought they'd find a kindred soul. As hot passion and raw need draw them together, can they survive this mission long enough to track the most elusive fugitives
their hearts

Nights of Steel features two great characters, Anna Blue and Jack Hawkins.  The plot is interesting.  The romance is hot.  The action is nonstop.  This is steampunk and it contains very interesting inventions that add a lot to the story.  The only draw back is the world building.  This is #4 is the Ether Chronicles and if you have not read the first three you will be a little lost.  Because everything in this world was developed before Nights of Steel it is assumed you know the history of this world and how it works.   Don't let that stop you.  Just read on and then go back and read the first three.

Avon Books published Nights of Steel by Nico Rosso in 2012.

I received an ARC of Nights of Steel from Edelweiss.  


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