Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kris Longknife: Defender by Mike Shepherd

Defender (Kris Longknife, #11)Space Opera/Science Fiction
What Goodreads says:
"Kris Longknife is back in the good graces of the brass—and to demonstrate that, they've promoted her to Admiral. Now her mission is to find the home base of the space pirates who are plaguing the fringes of the galaxy.
But no mission is ever simple when your name is Longknife. And this time the complications range from the military to the personal, as Kris finds herself—reluctantly—having to make some command decisions about her future."
This is book #11 in the series and again Kris is facing a lot of danger.  All of the usual characters are back and the adventure is never ending.  The big difference is that there is romance in the air.  Kris is at the other side of the galaxy and her great grandmother takes a hand in getting Kris and Jack some time alone.  It is about time.
The entire book is a lead up to a big battle and I though that Mike Shepherd was going to leave us hanging.  Instead he surprised me.  Just as I though there were not enough pages left to for the two forces to meet he fought a quick and swift space battle that solved one problem but left more to come.
Kris Longknife: Defender is a good addition to the series.  It can be read as a stand-along but read them all.  You will be in for a great adventure if you do.
If you read my Musing Monday post you saw where I found the Dauntless with Jack Campbell as the Captain.  Is this a game authors play?  Maybe putting another Science Fiction author and his book title in the middle of a book is a way to see if anyone notices.
ACE published Kris Longknife: Defender by Mike Shepherd in 2013.

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