Sunday, February 2, 2014

Alien Research (Katherine “Kitty Katt #8) by Gini Koch

Science Fiction

What Goodreads says:

"When rumors of a new super-drug surface, the FBI comes to Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini for help. It becomes quickly apparent that the drug is merely the tip of a deadly iceberg and a much more insidious plan is underway involving Titan Security, Gaultier Enterprises, and YatesCorp.

As newly discovered A-Cs and hybrids begin to surface, each with expanded and deadly talents, more and more signs point to a new evil genius who’s using the A-Cs and their enemies both as guinea pigs. Then Area 51 and the Dulce Science Center go silent while Alpha Team, Airborne, and most of the worldwide A-C Security team are there for training. And if that’s not bad enough, Centaurion Division is hit with more bad, and deadly, news: Chernobog the Ultimate, isn’t a hacker myth, he’s a real person -- and he’s on the bad guys’ side.

Now Kitty and company must find the real Dr. Feelgood and stop him or her before the latest version of Surcenthumain hits the streets and more people they love are harmed, or worse. But when the inconceivable happens, Kitty’s focused on two things only: reviving the ACE entity before their enemies realize Earth’s best protection isn’t actually active and revenge."

Sometimes a series gets a little stale after the first few books.  Not the case with Alien Research, book #8 in the Katherine “Kitty" Katt series.  There is always a new evil for Kitty and friends to fight.  The set up for Alien Research is in the previous books.  The Mastermind has been mentioned before but no one knows who he or she is.  Trying to find and stop him is front and center in Alien Research.

When the book starts Kitty and friends are going out for a nice lunch.  I just knew it was not going to happen and it did not.  Look for the usual non-stop action, evil characters and a plenty of plot twists and turns.  In this book Kitty finds out the identity of the elves and Jeff's jealousy is under much better control.  On a very sad note the group suffers the loss of several of the major characters.   I have to confess I found myself shedding a few tears over the ones that were lost. 

Like previous books some of the problems and danger in Alien Research are solved but not all.  There is plenty left for the next book.  I do recommend reading the series in order. Some back-story is included in Alien Research but not enough to keep readers from being a little lost.

Now I have to wait for the next book.

DAW published Alien Research by Gini Koch in 2014.

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