Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peacemaker 2546 AD – The Corona Rebellion by Gordon Savage

Science Fiction

From Goodreads:

Sometimes even a Peacemaker has to slap the bad guys upside the head to get them to listen to reason.

"Two hundred years after the first settlers land on the planet Corona, the colonists face a nightmare situation. Natives have been reported, and colonizing an inhabited planet is prohibited.

Threatened with relocation, Coronans rebel to defendat all cost—the only home they've ever known. When an explosion leaves a cloud of ions in place of his star ship, stranding Peacemaker, Commander Gus Colt, on the planet, he survives a crash landing and escapes the rebels but is critically injured getting away. Natives deliver him to a loyalist widow's farm for medical treatment, where he falls in love with her and unintentionally draws her into danger.

If Colt is to stop the fighting and bring the bad guys to justice, he must identify the real perpetrator, discover the secret to the natives, and protect the woman he loves. It's a life or death struggle that will take all his wits, audacity, and raw determination."

I picked up Peacemaker when I was in Denver and visiting the Tattered Cover.  Gordon Savage lives in Colorado and this was a recommended as good book by a local author.  It was a very good recommendation.

I have to say this is a different take on being in the Space Navy.  Our hero, Gus Colt, will use force if he has too but just enough to get the job done.   That means he thinks things through before acting and finds solutions that do the least amount of damage.

I loved both the human settlers on Corona and the natives who (spoiler) may not be natives at all.  Gus interacts with both, finds allies with both and helps find a solution to the rebellion. 

The world building is great.  It is worked into the action and lets the world emerge as the story progresses.  The same is true for the character building.  The characters development happens as a part of the action.  The plot is well though out with action, danger and romance all moving toward a great ending.  The writing is smooth and matches the story.  My only problem, and it was a not a big one, was with some of the formatting.  Sometimes there was not indication that there was a scene change.  I would be lost for a few seconds until I realized what had happened.

I hope Gordon Savage continues to write and publish additional Science Fiction novels.   Peacemaker is the kind of Science Fiction I love to read.

Thornton Publishing published Peacemaker by Gordon Savage in 2012.

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