Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The MacGregor’s Lady (MacGregor Trilogy #3) by Grace Burrowes

Historical Romance

From Goodreads:

"Asher MacGregor has returned from years wandering the Canadian wilderness to assume an earldom he’s avoided, and to seek a bride he does not want. He’s saddled with an additional family obligation in the form of Boston heiress Hannah Cooper, whom he is to escort about the London ballrooms so she might find an English husband.

Hannah is no more interested in settling in Britain than Asher is in returning to the New World, and yet their sympathy for one another soon turns to passion. With Hannah anxious to return to the family she’s trying to protect in Boston, and Asher bound to his earldom in the Highlands, they must trust in love to span an ocean of differences and difficulties."

Book three in the MacGregor trilogy features the brother we all through was dead in the first books.

Both Asher and Hannah have very strong feeling about marriage.  Neither plan to every marry or in Asher case to marry again.  That is the whole set up and plot for The MacGregor’s Lady.  Of course they are attracted to each other.  It is a long journey to their HEA. 

I had trouble with the problems that both brought to the table.  Those problems were what generated the tension in the story.  While Asher finally changed his mind Hannah just seemed to be too stubborn for her own good.  As a result the tension just was not there and I got tired of hearing Hannah state her position time after time.  Even so The MacGregor’s Lady is a nice addition to the series. If you are a Grace Burrowes fan you will enjoy the story.

Sourcebooks published The MacGregor’sLady by Grace Burrowes in 2014.

I received an ARC of The MacGregor’s Lady from Netgalley..


  1. I love reading historical romance, but you're right, often the women are too stubborn and the men are too chauvinistic. It's hard to find the really good ones, but when we do, it's so gratifying! =)

  2. You have me curious despite some issues..this brother was thought to be dead? I think the time period lends to the men being a little chauvinistic.


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